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Updated 11th March 2013

1. Six Participating teams

a. IFC Harps1 

b. Partisan Prague

c. Dynamo Zizkov

d. DHL

e. Královská Praha

f. Bankovni Ballet


2. Schedule

I. The league season will be spread over the period September to June. The league administrator will circulate the league schedule to club captains in advance of the league start-up.

II. Every team plays each other twice on a home/away basis

III. Responsibility for pitch and refereeing arrangements lies with the ‘home’ team

IV. The league season will be split into 10 rounds. The clubs are expected to fulfil their fixtures in those weeks stated in the league schedule (either week-day or weekend). Changes to the schedule are permitted no later than 14 days before the fixture was originally set to take place. Re-arranged fixtures should be agreed between club captains in advance and notified to the league administrator

V. The decision of when games will take place (i.e. midweek or weekend) is solely at the discretion of the home side. The home side captain should offer the away side captain a maximum of 3 dates when the game can be played2. Should the away side be unable to play a game on any of these three dates, the game will be forfeited in favour of the home side and a 3-0 victory awarded.  Any disputes over this issue should be referred to the league administrator, whose decision on the matter is final. 


3. Administration

I. A league administrator will maintain the fixture list, results database and (potentially) the league website. 

II. Club captains will be responsible for providing the administrator with all relevant information pertaining to fixtures, results, goal-scorers etc. This should in the first instance be via a match record sheet, to be sent to the administrator after every game (attached). This will serve as the basis for verifying results, goalscorers and any disciplinary issues from the game in question. 

III. Captains are requested to copy the league administrator in on relevant email correspondence, particularly fixture related issues.

IV. Results and standing will be circulated to club captains by the league administrator at the end of each round once all match record sheets have been submitted.  

V. The functioning of the league will be overseen by the league management committee composed of the captains (or their delegate) of all participating clubs. The Committee is chaired by the league administrator. Decision making is made on a simple majority basis, with each club having one vote. The meetings of the Committee must be attended by at least 50% of its members for its decisions to be valid. 


4. Discipline

I. All efforts should be made to ensure that matches are played in the spirit of ‘fair play’ i.e. no undue abuse or winding up of the opposition and definitely no fighting. 

II. Captains to ensure that their charges are aware of these issues before games and that players conduct themselves accordingly. 

III. Sanctions for red cards: 1 red card – 1 match suspension for player involved. Further sanctions for issues such as serious foul play, fighting, or more than 1  red card for a player during the course of the league will be dealt with by the clubs and the league administrator on an ad-hoc basis.

IV. Any player accruing 3 yellow cards in the course of a season will be subject to an automatic 1 match ban effective from the date of the third yellow card. 

V. Only qualified, independent referees should be used for games; games without such referees should not go ahead. 

VI. Referees should be drawn from the list of referees compiled by the administrator.


5. Player eligibility

I. Players are eligible to play for one team only during the course of the league season. Club captains are expected to ensure that their players are aware of this rule.

II. In exceptional circumstances, where a team is likely to experience problems in putting out a full XI for a game, it can draw upon up to two loan players from other league teams. The selection of these players should be agreed in advance by the captains of the teams involved in fixture in question. In the case where agreement is not reached, no loan players can be used.

III. Any obvious misuse of this exception – such as the team borrowing players gaining an unfair advantage over its opponent or any third parties benefiting as a direct result of loaning players – should be reported to the league administrator for referral to the League Management Committee for discussion and potential sanction.


6. Fees

I. All costs of a game to be covered equally by the clubs

II. Any additional costs (trophies etc) to be dealt with on an ad-hoc basis


7. Other issues

I. Any additional, unforeseen issues will be dealt with by the participating teams and league administrator as appropriate


PEPSL League Administrator, Prague, 11th March 2013


1 IFC Harps are formerly IFC Prague merged with Bohemian Harps.

2 These dates should be scheduled in such a way to offer the away team sufficient opportunity to play a game e.g. three dates spaced over one week would be considered unreasonable. Three Saturdays over the period of a month would be considered acceptable